Heide-Rein® was founded in Neetze in 2017

and built up at this location for 5 years. Our corporate development led us to found Heide-Rein Service GmbH in 2022 and to relocate to Munster in the Heidekreis district.

Now our company headquarters does even more justice to our company name, because the Heidekreis is in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath. You will find our office in the middle of the countryside, which has further intensified our environmental awareness.

The city of Munster in the Heidekreis district is also a popular holiday destination and invites you to linger and enjoy.

We are pleased that we can now be reached centrally between Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen.

You will find our production facilities at several locations in northern Germany within a 100 km radius of our office.


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